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3-25: post... no content.

3-27: update... content! plus menial fixes.

3-28: Version 2.1... Menial fixes (Link problems)

3-29: Version 2.2... Added content

3-30: Repost of Version 2.2... nav. bar totally fixed. Content pages aligned!

3-30: 2.2 still... MESSAGE BOARD!

3-31: V.2.3... graphics update

Hypnomation is designed to be a hypnosis/psychology website. After a long period of searching the web for hypnosis information... I was unable to find one website that sufficiently suited my needs, so I decided to make one. Hypnomation is designed an an archive of information about hypnosis, psychology, and the mind in general. What you see in the navigation bar above is just the start. It is my dearest hope that you... who are reading this will submit your hypnosis scripts, your FAQ, your theories on psychology... maybe even reviews on psychology books! What you E-Mail me will be posted! So please...

Email me!

Thank you!



If you would like to know when the site us updated... email me. If you encounter a problem on this site... email me. If there is a broken link... email me. Thank you.






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